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The Silco brand has been a great success in over 30 countries; most recently in Northern Ireland, where the Silco Fast Repair range of rapid drying air cure products, has been exciting repairers, with its market leading drying times and ease of application. 

 Silco Fast Repair

The Silco Fast Repair range consists of Clearcoats, Primers and Body Fillers that are ideal for Fast and Smart repairers looking to complete profitable and rapid repair work.

Utilising the latest paint technology and high quality materials, allows products such as the Silco Air Cure Clearcoat, to provide UK repairers, with a unique competitive advantage through market leading air cure times.

The amount of positive feedback and product interest Carlac has received from the market has been a clear indicator for us. We're confident the Silco range with be a huge success.

Contact us today for more information on Silco Fast Repair, or if you want to try the products for yourself; we’re offering a money back guarantee for all first time users – CLICK HERE to find out more information.

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Silco Fast Repair Leaflet - CLICK HERE

See the 9600 Air Cure Clearcoat in action - CLICK HERE