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Symach Automotive Drying Technology

Symach is a Bodyshop Advantage concept which increases efficiency and productivity by utilising Catalytic Drying. This state of the art curing technology drastically reduces the drying and curing times of paint and body fillers.

High Speed Drying and Curing

The Symach Infrared Drying system dramatically reduces the drying and curing times of Filler, Primer Basecoat and Clearcoat. This creates efficiency benefits which help to reduce key to key times.

Reduced Energy Costs

Symach drastically reduces energy costs compared with traditional systems like IR heaters and hot air ovens. Using the Symach in a bodyshop can yield savings of around 80% on fuel and power consumption.

Quality of Finish

Symach delivers the optimum drying quality because the paint product immediately becomes firm and inert, meaning that no further chemical reactions take place. The fact that Symach fully cures paintwork means that there is no risk of gloss drop or polishing marks reappearing.

Improved Work Programming

The Symach’s quick drying technology eliminates the need for a repairer to work on several vehicles at once. Employing the Symach system can also simplify work programming by cutting out time consuming vehicle movements and creating extra space.

Approvals and Official Acknowledgments

SPAP is officially approved by PPG, Max Mayer, NexaAutocolor and officially acknowledged by the other paint manufacturers.

 Symach products can be installed in any bodyshop and range from handheld drying equipment like the Dyrtron to full bodyshop systems such as the FIXline. Click here to view Symach's Youtube page.