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High Performance Coatings For Trains, Trams and Busses

Public transport and infrastructure in the UK is constantly invested in by the government, creating great opportunities for OEM and Refurbishment companies involved in the passenger transportation market. From rail carriage refurbishment to tram, train and bus manufacture; there is a strong need for high-performance paint and coating systems.

We supply a solid colour waterborne system, that provides a highly durable protective coating and a superior finish, for the exterior of trains, carriages, busses and trams.

Our unique multi-substrate, 2 stage waterborne system, enables painters in this industry to complete more jobs while making substantial savings on labour hours and materials used. The waterborne epoxy primer is suitable for high-build repair work and wet-on-wet application. It has very high filling and anti-corrosive properties, low VOC content and excellent adhesion to steel, zinc-coated steel EG and HDG, aluminium and its alloys, FGRP.

The topcoat is a direct gloss solid colouracrylpolyurethane, which guarantees an outstanding finish for small, medium and large repairs.

Low VOC Paint          Approved Paint          Environmentaly Friendly Paints

Our solid colour waterborne system is fully approved, passing tests to comply with the European Standard EN 45545. Achieving this standard means the Lechsys Hydro system has been rigorously tested for smoke and fume toxicity and flame propagation, granting it approval for us on the exterior of passenger transportation vehicles