Environmental Goals

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Achieve your Environmental Goals with Carlac

Businesses are being put under increasing pressure to be environmentally friendly, so if you’re looking to demonstrate your commitment to saving the planet then Carlac can provide an all in one solution from water based paints to energy efficient heating and drying technology.

Waterbased Coating Technology

Waterbased coatings are an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent paints. Carlac provide a full range of the latest water based coatings to help our customers meet their environmental goals and comply with legislative requirements.

Reduced Energy Usage

Our energy efficiency solutions include bespoke systems which channel the energy created in the painting process into a means of heating your premises. Ultra-efficient paint drying alternatives such as the Symach can also reduce energy costs by 80% compared with traditional heating methods.

Compliant Waste Recycling

Our waste disposal program is specifically designed to help you comply with the EU legislation on the safe removal of solvents and other waste streams.

24 Hour Access to VOC Reports

Carlac provide all of our customers with 24 hour access to online VOC (volatile organic compounds) reports. This helps you to monitor your solvent usage and ensure that you comply with legislation.