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05 May
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Carlac's Manchester Branch Solves Polystyrene Recycling Dilemma

Carlac's Manchester Branch supports its environmental commitments by partnering with a local recycling firm to responsibly dispose of its waste polystyrene packaging. 

Branch Manager Greg Harrison comments: "From an environmental and business operations perspective, our polystyrene waste has been a growing concern for several years. We understand the role this type of packaging has in the safe transportation of the specialist products we distribute. But, when it comes to the end of its lifecycle, the waste polystyrene takes up unnecessary space in the branch, causing issues for the team and increased threat to the environment.

"Through ongoing sustainability work with our local authority, we were introduced to Molygran, a polystyrene (eps) converters service for businesses in our area. Molygran has enabled us to responsibly dispose of our polystyrene waste and support our green initiatives in the branch." 

"This is a fantastic step forward to our sustainability commitments", states Carlac's Marketing Manager, Liam Cowling. "Here at Carlac, we are constantly looking at new technologies, products and processes that support sustainable business operations. We fully understand and recognise what we must do to mitigate the impact of our business operations on the environment. That's why we are working hard to make changes in the business to support a greener future for the industries we work in."

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