Site Audits & Maintenance

Site Audits & Maintenance

Our customers find site audits to be of great value to them, as it identifies areas in which they can improve their bodyshop and production throughput. Regular audits, conducted by our technical team, enables customers to reduce cost, minimise waste, improve quality control and enhance health & safety.

One part of this overall service is spray booth maintenance. Being proactive with maintenance of spray booths and primer areas ensures that quality work continues to flow through production, paint distribution on the substrate is even, and employee health and safety is upheld.

Carlac can enable its customers to effectively manage these areas with ongoing and regular servicing, including appropriate filter maintenance and technical support.

Under the COSHH ACOP2 regulations, business owners must keep their working environment safe for their employees and customers, this includes taking measures to ensure Air Quality Tests are carried out at least every three months.

Our air quality services ensure that our customers meet these regulatory requirements. Our technical engineers are trained and qualified to come to your premises and carry out testing of all Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), ensuring a safe and legal working environment for your staff.

During our tests, we will check, report on and provide certification on the following:

  • Oil Mist
  • Water Vapour
  • Carbon Dioxide Infiltration
  • Carbon Monoxide Infiltration
  • Air Flow / Volume Through Filters and Regulators

Test results and certification will be provided for your internal records and legal requirements. We can also provide you with a checklist that your painters can use to check their masks and fittings.

Tests take approximately 30 minutes and are planned to suit your working schedule.

A properly designed and fully operational spray booth is required to contain and remove hazardous chemicals and vapours, produced from spraying paint. Contaminants commonly encountered in spray booths include organic solvents, isocyanates and polymers. Inhalation of paint vapours and overspray may result in respiratory irritation, respiratory sensitization, asthma, reduced lung function and nervous disorders. 

It is a legal requirement that the owner of the spray booth must ensure it is operating effectively and is checked regularly. Health and Safety Executive (HSE), requires operators to record and display the precise measurement of their a ‘clearance time’ for spray booths and spray rooms. Our experienced technicians will visit your site and check the equipment to ensure fume extraction is working correctly and to the required standard. 

For more information about our range of testing capabilities, get in touch.

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