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12 Jul
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Direct-To-Plastic (DTP) Primers From Silco

Minimise the prep time of your plastic parts and boost job throughput. 

Discover the speedy advantages of using Silco's Direct-To-Plastic (DTP) primer range. Have your plastic parts ready for painting in as little as 10 minutes, with no need for sanding - clean down the plastic part and apply the primer. 

Key Benefits: 

  • - DTP primer promotes excellent bonding on untreated, solvent-resistant plastics.
  • - No need to sand or thermally treat the plastic part before applying the DTP primer.
  • - At least 2x faster priming on plastic parts than conventional plastic primers/additives.
  • - The primers can be overpainted by all standard base coat systems (water-based or solvent-based), as well as other 1K and 2K coatings.

Watch this side-by-side video of Silco's DTP primers compared to standard plastic primers: 

The DTP Range:


7025 DTP Primer

Direct-to-Plastic 1K Primer

7026 DTP Primer Aerosol

Direct-to-Plastic 1K Primer

For more information about Silco's DTP primers, plus their extensive range of bodyshop consumables, contact your Carlac Sales Rep or your local branch today. 

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