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20 Jun
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Introducing The New Ultrafan UV Products From Lechler

Lechler has launched its first UV products. The range has been formulated to rapidly speed up the repair process, reduce energy consumption and promote low VOC emissions. 

UV technology is now a favourite for the collision repair market, and its application is ideal for electric and hybrid repairs.

The main benefits of UV processes are: 

  • - Significant reduction in energy consumption 
  • - No cool down - improving key-to-key time
  • - Low or even zero emissions - promoting environmental commitments 

Lechler’s new UV products are ideal for spot and SMART repairs, with easy ready-for-use formulas, boosting productivity and minimising energy consumption. 

UV100 Ultrafan UV-Tech Putty

Ideal for SMART repairs, the UV100 Ultrafan UV-Tech Putty promotes guaranteed adhesion, easy application and dosing and is ready to sand in minutes. 

UV300 Ultrafan UV-Tech Filler

The ready-for-use UV primer surfacer is highly efficient, promoting fast drying, easy application and low VOC emissions - ideal for repairs where speed is the priority. 

Get in touch today for information and pricing about these new products and our extensive range of UV lamps, fillers and primers.

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