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17 May
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Say Hello To The Next Generation Of UV Curing From Symach

The brand-new UVA-LEDTronic M2 lamp is the result of significant investment and research by the R&D division at Symach.

By studying the vast spectrum of UV wavelengths, they have identified the wavelength that delivers top-level performance for curing the latest UV coatings on the market, and its unique design increases the lamps curing radiance and power.



Featuring 72 LED emitters, the UVA-LEDTronic M2 lamp is twice as powerful as its predecessor, boosting productivity and efficiency.



The concentrated irradiance of the LEDs means that it's ideal for a wide range of repairs, including spot and SMART repairs. 

UVA-LEDTronic M2 lamp is mains powered, ensuring it’s always ready for action. Plus, its built-in temperature controls prevent the lamp from overheating, and its long cord enables the technicians to work over several car panels in sequence - boosting productivity and workflows.

The LEDs used in the lamp use the UV-A segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. These longer rays of UV light can penetrate deeper into the surface of the repair – delivering a rapid cure. And the alignment of the LEDs and reflector positions in the lamp make it unique and flexible to be used on a wide range of different sized repairs.

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