Profile - DekorBlock

uPVC Profile - DekorBlock

Through our exclusive partnerships and our expertise, we deliver the latest automated plant lines to windows manufacturers. Utilising the latest plant innovations enables our customers to benefit from significant advantages, such as reduced stock holdings, process efficiencies, and quality finished coating window frames.

Carlac is honoured to partner with Makor Group in the UK. Makor Group has provided high-quality finishing solutions for uPVC profiles for over 50 years. 

Their latest innovation, DEKORBLOCK, replicates wooden knots and veins on the spraying line. The DEKORBLOCK solution offers manufacturers countless colours and special effects whilst minimising stock holdings. It’s time to say goodbye to foiling! 

Advantages of paint compared to foil: 

  • Paint Coatings with DEKORBLOCK
  • Fewer stocked items
  • Small batch productions, flexible to customer demands
  • Even, all round coating to the surface of the profile – high level of detail
  • Simple and fast corrections
  • Lower average costs
  • Traditional Foiling Process
  • Large stockpiles
  • High waste levels for small batch, driving up costs
  • Partial covering of the profile
  • Time-consuming corrections
  • Higher average costs
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